The Currency of Draenmyr

Draenmyr coins are called “scales”. Scales resemble thin hexagons with elongated middles and a hole in one of the pointy ends through which multiple scales can be strung together, either for purse strings or for combining ten of a particular scale for ease of conversion and sale.

10 copper scales = 1 silver scale
10 silver scales = 1 gold scale

Larger trade typically incurs the use of trade bars. Scales are generally used only for day-to-day expenses and smaller trade.

Most citizens of Draenmyr call these coins scales because of the tendency to resemble fish when turned sideways, but the meaning originated from The Gods of Draenmyr, specifically The Feather’s Balance and were meant to resemble feathers. Older coinage retains finer detail than the current simplified coins.

copper scale = “down”
silver scale = “pinion”
gold scale = “plume”

The only citizens who use these more antiquated terms are priests, clerics, paladins, and other clergy.

The Currency of Draenmyr

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